Student Voices

"The School is small.  That means more attention is given by the teachers.  It is not as distracting."

- David (Student)

Our academic goals reflect the Georgia Department of Education Standards and the National Core Curriculum.  Our students receive individual attention in areas where they have deficits and are offered enrichment programs in areas where their strengths and interests lie.  We use individual standardized and curriculum-based assessments to determine the areas of strength and those that require intervention.  Our curriculum integrates collaborative project-based learning in all three of the core areas.  Our goal is to prepare our students to become independent adults possessing the skills required by a 21st Century work environment.  These skills include analytical thinking and the ability to get along and collaborate with others to solve problems and complete projects in a group.  To optimize the potential of our students to obtain full inclusion into society as adults, The Piedmont School will remain a small School focusing on the needs of our children and providing them the skills needed for full inclusion and options in the community in young adulthood.

The School is a National Demonstration Site for Boxlight, Inc., which provides interactive and big screen panels in every classroom and interactive educational software.  Students can learn using their visual-analytical strengths and develop crucial technical skills.

We achieve the integration of information across disciplines, the generalization of learning, and linking curriculum goals to day-to-day living through Community-Based Instruction.  Through these weekly endeavors, we balance the three segments of our instructional agenda- academics, social-emotional learning, and adaptive life skills.