The Piedmont School of Atlanta provides children with challenges in learning, language, and social problem-solving with an education that addresses THEIR individual academic, social, and emotional needs, preparing them to actively and independently engage in their communities.


We serve typical and high-achieving children with learning, language, and social problem-solving challenges. Our logo is the result of student collaboration and best describes our collective vision of the School.  The logo's three mountain ranges depict the three core areas embedded in our daily curriculum: Academics, Social-Emotional Development, and Adaptive Life Skills.  Challenges our students face often make their path to success a long winding road. This road intertwines between the mountain ranges that comprise our curriculum.  The staff at TPSOA guides children on their way by consistently considering their individual needs.  We hike these mountains together, intending that this portion of their journey will provide options for the future and culminate in purposeful, meaningful, happy lives.