Student Population

Student Voices

"There are a lot fewer people here than in other schools.  The School is very helpful.  I like my friends and everything about the School.  " - Max (Student)

Our students often describe themselves in previous school environments as lonely, frustrated, and distracted in previous school environments.  Students typically react to Piedmont's calm surroundings and sense of community as what they like best about "their place to learn."

We provide an education that meets the needs of children with neuro-typical cognitive abilities while addressing learning, language, and social problem-solving needs.  The Piedmont School does not serve students with severe behavior problems.  However, the School assists children with issues related to attention, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.  We currently offer programs for children in grades Kindergarten through High School.  We also provide a variety of after-school activities, such as tutoring and aftercare.  Class size is limited to 5-6 children per classroom, with one teacher assigned to every five students.  The small class size affords individual attention and differentiated instruction delivered in a welcoming environment.  When our children need help, they are comfortable seeking and accepting it, allowing them to succeed over time.